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About Us

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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean.


Principal and Artistic Director / Playwright / Actor

Since his debut at the age of seven, David Wrightam has taken part in more than 650 plays, shows and musicals both amateur and professional.He has taken most of the major roles in plays and musicals including Barnum, Singin’ In The Rain, 42nd Street, Hans Christian Anderson, West Side Story, Kiss Me Kate, Dancing Years, Annie, South Pacific, High Society, Carousel, Jesus Christ Superstar, Paint Your Wagon, Steppin’ Out, Anything Goes, Half A Sixpence, Oklahoma, My Fair Lady and The Sound Of Music.

He directs for local companies in a professional capacity and is an established after dinner speaker.  He became a Director at the age of 18 and soon branched out into compering summer shows and musicals.  In 1980, he took the leading role in the film For Love Of Children, the story of Thomas Bowman Stephenson, who started the National Childrens Home.  His most played roles are that of Captain Von Trapp in The Sound Of Music, and his very favourite role Professor Higgings in My Fair Lady.

As a playwright, he has written 61 full length dramas and comedies, the first of which was presented at The Caxton Theatre Grimsby in 1984.  Added to this is the long list of shows and pantomimes that he has written for many groups and societies throughout the United Kingdom.  He has been comissioned to write for many companies, and in 2008 wrote the test pieces for the duologue section at the Hong Kong Drama Festival, one of the biggest in the world.

David started Class Act when he realised actors and actresses were not getting the training they needed to be successful.  He does not believe that a grade on a bit of paper can make someone an actor or director.  Apprenticeship starts in amateur theatre and not in a classroom.  His motto to all his students is “Your Mother thinks you’re wonderful …. I will tell you the truth”.  Some of his best works have been presented by the company, with 61 premieres in just 15 years. David and his wife were invited to Buckingham Palace in 2007 to mark his services to the theatre.



Amanda, who is an experienced actress and director, joined the company in 2016 to co-direct our productions as Class Act expands.  She has already made her mark and is now involved in the nitty gritty of production.  Students have gained a great deal from her methods of working and she is a great asset to the production team

Class Act is blessed with a brilliant stage crew, backed up by our own older students.  Together, they have built some amazing sets and props.

The sets for productions are produced at our set building unit in Grimsby by ROGER BULLER and BARRY OXBORROW whose creative talents are praised by all.

Rob Bishop

Sound & Special Fx

Sound is a very important part of our productions, including music and effects which have to be created and operated. Rob is our wizard sound creator, along with the many special effects that can turn good to stunning

Karen Webster

Stage Manager

Karen has the difficult job of making sure that everything and everyone is in the right place at the right time.  Not easy with a cast of up to 50!  Class Act productions usually have dozens of props and these too have to be sorted!

Matt Bushell

Lighting Designer

Lighting plays an important part in our productions and Matt has provided some briliant effects as our professional Lighting Designer.  As all our productions are premieres, this means that Matt has a free hand to get his imagination going.

Would you like to get involved in Sound or Lighting?  Give us a call!  We are always looking for new members for the production team.

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