Sun, Sea, Sand and Crabs Part 3

Set in a small run down airport, Sun Sea Sand & Crabs 3 is another look at the lives of British holidaymakers, this time waiting to board a flight to Italy.  Playing to capacity houses and riotous laughter, this has been one of the most successful productions by the Adult Section.

Bawdy, brash and brilliant

Review from the Grimsby Telegraph By Trevor Ekins

HUMOUR, like wine, can be tart, sparkling, fruity or vintage and all elements were on show as the Sun, Sea, Sand And Crabs bandwagon trundled along. Mirroring movie moguls, David Wrightam, principal of Class Act Theatre Company, has latched on to the notion of developing a good idea with sequels.

This time we found our disparate band of holidaymakers stranded at the Hannibal Lecter Airport, in the wastelands of Britain, waiting for a delayed flight with the dubiously named Plummet Airways. As they assembled in the departure lounge, we encountered the usual hodgepodge of characters that collectively represent a strong case for holidaying in your own back garden.

Among those we meet are a warring family, a pair of mediums in touch with the other side, a hen party, an eloping couple, a dance troupe and an entertainer. As the hours slip by, the veil on their lives lifts and as Brits always do, they bond together in the face of adversity.

This is not, however, high drama but a journey in to the realms of English bawdy humour and unfortunately, the best lines are not repeatable in a family newspaper, but they ensured ripples of laughter throughout.

The memorable characters included an acerbic mother-in-law played by Sharon Dormer who, for me, conjured up images of the much-loved comedienne Irene Handl.

Mandy Pearson triggered great hilarity as dance troupe leader Kitty Lucan-Pratt, especially the little dance routine that accompanied every introduction.

Yet, a very different dance routine proved the highlight of the night and probably required a visit to a certain adult-orientated shop in Freshney Place.

Monica Muff and Melvyn Muncher were unimaginable as erotic dancers but Hayley Wrightam and Stephen Campbell enthusiastically hurled themselves into a wonderfully entertaining pastiche.

The two-night performance was a total sell-out, and taught us one thing. If you’re planning your next holiday, just pray you don’t meet the characters from Sun, Sea, Sand And Crabs along the way.

Trevor Ekins


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