Sun, Sea, Sand & Crabs Part 2

This hilarious follow up to the highly successful original wowed packed houses at the Caxton Theatre. One of the funniest plays ever presented by the Adult Section. Watch out for more mayhem later in the year!

Review By Trevor Ekins for the Grimsby Evening Telegraph
THERE was uncontrollable laughter when the adult members of Class Act Theatre Company launched the first of six productions celebrating the drama group’s tenth anniversary.
Sun, Sea, Sand and Crabs 2, written and directed by Class Act principal David Wrightam, is a sequel that continues to expose the foibles and eccentricities of British holidaymakers abroad.
For those seeking sophisticated humour, this is a lost cause because wave after wave of political incorrectness, sexism and comic stereotyping hit you with all the force of an artillery bombardment.
It is a throwback to the innuendo-laden comedy of 1970s TV sit-coms, but proving that comedy never really dies; there were as many funny lines as grains of sand on Cleethorpes beach.
Indeed judging by the increasing crescendo of laughter amongst the audience, they were having more fun than a day at the seaside.
The plot revolves around 24 hours in the lives of a diverse group of holidaymakers staying at the hotel from hell on a nightmare Cheapo Tours package holiday.
We are exposed to a microcosm of British life and the cast do a brilliant job in developing and maintaining their characters throughout.
Rob Bishop never disappoints and delivers a sterling performance as the social misfit Donny, while Steve Greenwood is hilarious to watch as one-half of a gay couple, especially when forced to deny his sexuality.
Meanwhile, Hayley Wrightam vamps it up wonderfully as the leader of a man-eating pack of girls on the lookout for only one thing and Pearl Hammond prompts plenty of chuckles as the busybody.
Into this mix, add an ingénue abroad, your typical mother-in-law, a disrespectful son-in-law and married couples wanting to play away and you have the perfect recipe for confusion, chaos and disharmony.

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