Professional Work

Class Act On Film!

Class Act was honoured to provide 26 actors for the blockbuster movie ’Atonement’ starring Kiera Knightley and James McAvoy.  The film premieres during 2007.  As our pictures show, the lads had to endure hours of make up and were very uncomforable covered in blood and wounds.  It was an experience they will remember for life, with two days filming in Grimsby and 4 days in Redcar.  Principal David Wrightam was given special permission to take photos during the constuming and filming process.

Class Act students Robert Bishop, Richard Waller and Kane Murray took part in the film Eastern Promises, starring Viggo Mortensen (Arragon in Lord Of The Rings) early this year.

Student Sophie Powles is now on our screens in EMMERDALE on ITV

Robert Bishop also joined Principal David Wrightam in ’A Time For Life – John Harrison’ performed before an International audience during 2006.  Sudents Nicola Law and Jordan Carlton also took part in this production.



During 2008 David Wrightam, assisted by Robert Bishop, staged Dreamtime – Lowans Story at the Humberston School. David was commissioned by the school to write and direct the play which tells the story of the destruction of the aborigine tribes on the island of Tasmania in 1771 by the British.  This moving and compelling drama involved a huge amount of work with design, costume, body make up and hand painted back drops.  Another Class Act success in conjunction with this great school.