“Class Act have scaled new heights in the presentation of captivating drama” – Grimsby Telegraph Revolution

“The quality and professionalism of David Wrightam and Class Act never cease to amaze me” – Cleethorpes Chronicle

“I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this company.  One would pay a great deal of money to see this quality in London …….” – Geoffrey Annis, Director

“Class Act is to theatre what Hollywood is to movies” – Paul Cottam, Critic

“David Wrightam’s marriage of humour and tragedy is simply breathtaking ….” –Grimsby Telegraph on Shadow Of The Sun

“How these young actors recreated history so accurately beggars belief …. I cried.” – Ex P.O.W, attending Shadow Of The Sun

“This production was a masterpiece.  A rollercoaster ride of emotions.” – Geoff Whitfield, Professional Director on Titanic, William and Mary’s Story

“This company has the right name.  These talented actors brought history to life …” –Norma Redfern, Adjudicator – on Holocaust The Schonberg Story

“It was an honour to attend this production.  The actors were so good they blew me away ….” – David Peasgood, Grimsby Telegraph – on Titanic, William and Mary’s Story

“Wrightams play is a head and shoulders above the original film” Grimsby Telegraph on Titanic 2007

“Beautifully written and immaculately staged. I was mesmerised from start to finish” – Grimsby Telegraph on BLITZ, JACKS WAR